If you've purchased in-store, but the Online Store checkout is asking you to pay for your media again, there are a few things you should double check before entering any credit card information and making payment.

Please double check the information below, and then contact us so we can help you! Contact Us

  • What email did you receive from your Tour Operator?
    • Does the email say "Buy Your Photos/Videos"?
      • The operator may have sent you the wrong email by mistake. Please reach out to us and provide your proof of purchase so we can help you out! Get Help Here
    • Does the email say "Get Photos/Videos"? Does the content of the email mention the word Gift Card?
      • Please double check:
        1. The number of photos and videos your Gift Card is for. You can view this as bold text in the Email you received. Eg. "Up to 1 photo"
        2. Check your Cart for how many photos and videos you have added.
        3. If you have more photos or videos than what your Gift Card is for, you will be required to pay the difference. Some Gift Cards are also only able to be used in 1 album. Double check you are not adding more than 1 album.
      • Did you pay for a full album instore and only receive a Gift Card for a few items? Please provide your proof of purchase to our team so we can help you out! Get Help Here
  • Did you receive an Prompt warning you that "This Gift Card applies only to this album"?
    • The Gift Card you received is locked to a single album. It can not be used on other albums. The operator may have sent you the wrong album by mistake. Please contact us and let us know what happened! Get Help Here
  • Did you receive a Prompt saying "This Gift Card has already been used"?
    • It looks like you, or your friend has already redeemed your Single Use Gift Card. Please check all your emails and folders for your a second email containing your Gallery. Can't find it? Get Help Here


Still not sure what's wrong?

Please contact us and we will fix the problem. Contact Us. Be sure to attach your receipt or proof of purchase.