Please Note: With the newest iOS Update (13.1) - Safari will allow iOS Users to Download Zip Files and Videos. Please follow the below instructions if you are using iOS 13.1. or newer.

If you're unsure of your iOS Version, please check your Settings app and find the "About" option. Your "Software Version" will tell you if you're using 13.1 or later.

How to Download ALL PHOTOS & VIDEOS on iOS 13.1 or newer

To download your memories on your iPhone or iPad, follow the instructions below. You will need an internet connection or data to complete the download:

1. Open the email from your Tour Operator, and click the "View My Album" (1) button.

2. Once your Gallery loads, scroll to the very bottom, and select the "Download All"(2) option

3. You will be prompted to "initiate the download"(3) - which is when we create a zip file of all your photos! Wait for the progress bar to complete before moving on.

  • If your order contains Videos, you will be given a separate section for video download. (4)

4. Tapping the "here to download" (5) link will direct you to a page to confirm the download - be sure to select "Download" (6)! 

5. In the upper right corner is a down arrow inside of a circle, which is your "Download Manager" (7).  Tapping it will show you the download progress of your files (8). 

  • Once your download is complete, you can tap your file to open the Files app!

6. "Files" will allow you to tap your zip file (9) and begin unzipping the folder. (10)

7. Once the new folder appears (10), you can select it and view your photos. At this stage, you can select the share option (11) and save your photos to your Camera Roll (12)! 

  • Please Note: video files will take a lot more space and time to download, but follow the same instructions! 

Saving ALL PHOTOS on iOS 12.1 or older

If you're using iOS 12.1 or later, please follow these instructions. 

  • Note: Some people may have difficulties downloading and unzipping the files. As a result, we recommend using a Mac, PC or Android device for ease of use.

1. Open your Photo Order email, and click the "View My Album"(1) button.

2. Scroll to the bottom and select the "Download All" (2) option.

3. You'll need to initiate the download (3), which will create a .zip file with your photos. Once complete, you will "Tap to download" (4). 

4. When prompted, select the "Open in Files" (5) option to launch the Files app and select where to save the zip file (6). 

  • Note: Larger Zip files will take longer to open the below screen. You may see a white page with a small loading bar at the top.

5. Once saved, the zip will appear with a "Preview Content"(7) option, select it to open your photos.

6. While viewing your photos, you can select the Share (8) icon and save your images (9).

If you need additional help downloading the ZIP file, please check out this article or reach out to us 7 days a week @!

Saving a Single Photo

  • To download a single photo, click the Image, then press the "Download Full Resolution" arrow (1).

  • Instructions on how to long press (tap and hold) (2) and save the image (3) will appear above the full resolution photo.

Saving Videos on iOS 12.1 or older

Unfortunately Apple does not allow downloading and saving of Videos in older versions of iOS. If your device is able, please update to iOS 13.1 to download videos. If you cannot update, there is no need to worry! Your digital gallery and videos will never be deleted or modified. You can share them from your phone, stream the original video or download them later on a Computer or updated device.