Need help navigating the online store? Follow the visual walk-through below to learn how to use the online store.

1. The Online Store is organized by the date of your activity. By default today is selected first.  The best way to get started, is to navigate to the date of your trip. Click on the date to get started. 

2. A calendar will drop down after clicking on the date. Select the date of your tour. 

3. You will be taken to the date you selected. To find your album, scroll through the albums on your tour date. The albums should be organized by time, tour guide name, or your name. When you find you album, click on it.  If you can't find your album contact us

4.  After clicking on your album, scroll to make sure all of your photos are included or that you have the right album. Click on "VIEW OTHER ALBUMS" if you've selected the wrong album.

5. If you want to know the prices of the photos, select "PRICING PACKAGES".

 6. A window will appear notifying you of the company's pricing packages. 

11. If you're satisfied with your album. Click on "ADD ALL" to add all photos to your cart. Or select the photos individually if you don't want to purchase the entire album. 

7. To see the photos individually and up close, click on any photo.

8. To scroll through the photos, click on the grey scroll bar on the right side of the page.

9. To add an individual photo to your cart, select the green "ADD TO ALBUM" button.

10. To add all of the photos click on the blue "ADD ALL" button. 

12. Once you've selected "ADD ALL" a window will appear notifying you of your action. Click on "CONTINUE BROWSING" to proceed. 

13. Click on the orange "CHECKOUT" button to proceed to the checkout. 

14. If you are happy with your order click on the orange "CHECKOUT" button to continue. 

15. At the checkout you will be able to see your purchase summary. To continue, fill in your credit card information. 

16. After entering your information, do not forget to enter your email address. Your digital photo order is going to be sent immediately to your email, so be sure to check for spelling mistakes. 

17. After checking for spelling mistakes and making sure you've entered the right information, click on "SUBMIT ORDER" to complete your order. 

18. You will arrive on your order details page. Print your receipt by clicking on "PRINT MY RECEIPT". To go to your order click the 'VIEW MY ORDER" buttons on the page or click the link to view your digital photos. 

19. The link will open your Online Gallery. All of your purchased photos will be stored here. This gallery is permanently available to you and your photos within in it have unlimited downloads. You can also share your memories directly to your social media by clicking on the social buttons. To see all of your photos, scroll down.

20. If you have any questions after making your purchase, reply to your email and our guest support representatives will assist you. If you need help making your purchase, please create a ticket here