If you need help with downloading your videos onto your computer, here is a simple step by step guide:

In your galley view your photos and videos, share them to social media or scroll down to download them onto your computer.

Click on the "Download All Photos & Videos" button at the bottom of the page. The text on the button may also say "Download All Photos" Or "Download All Videos"

Your download will start to be prepared. Photos will be Zipped and Videos will be available as links. Please wait will the downloads are prepared.

Once it is ready, the text will update to "Its ready!". Photos can be downloaded by clicking "Click Save Photos". Videos can be downloaded in the Video Section. Simply right click, and hit "Save As" on the Video you wish to download.

Your video will begin downloading immediately. 

Your video should automatically open and start playing once downloaded. 

Your video automatically be stored into your downloads. Simply drag and drop to move your video into the file of your choice. 

If you still need help playing your downloaded video, click this link: How do I view my video?

iPhone/iPad (iOS Devices) : iOS does not allow videos to be downloaded from Safari or any other browse in iOS. We wish it wasn't that way, but Apple has made it impossible to download Videos from Safari. 

It is possible to use a Download Manager App to save your video. Eg. Download Manager (Unaffiliated). If you do not have a Download Manager no need to worry. Your video is stored online and will not disappear or be deleted.

If you feel very adventurous you can also let Apple know you want to be able to download Videos from iOS Safari!