Follow the Instructions below to learn how to download your photos to your Windows computer! There is also a video with these steps provided at the bottom of the page.

1. After opening the email from your tour provider, click View My Album in the email.

2. You will be redirected to your online gallery. Scroll to the bottom of the page to download your photos.

3. Click Download All at the bottom of your gallery.

4. A new page will open for you to download your photos. Click the link provided in the first step on the page. 

5. When you click here to initiate the download, the next step will appear with a progress bar, which is tracking how long it'll take your browser to have your .ZIP file with all your photos ready to download. 

6. Click here to download your .ZIP file A third step will appear to let you know your .ZIP file is ready.

7. What happens after you click here to download your files may be different depending on which internet browser you're using. 

For Chrome users: Your downloads will start automatically after clicking here to initiate the downloadWhen your download is finished, You can click on the file to open it in your computer's Download folder. 

For Firefox users: When the Windows download dialog box appears, check Save File to save the .ZIP file to your computer, and then click OK to start the download. 

8. When your .ZIP file is downloaded, find the file in your Downloads folder on your computer. If you only want to keep your favorite photos from your tour, please go to step 9. If you want to keep all of your photos, please skip to step 10.

9. To only keep your favorite photos, double click the .ZIP file to open it. Then, drag and drop the photos you want to another location on your computer, such as your Pictures folder. 

10.  To keep all of your photos, right click on the .ZIP file and select Extract All... from the drop-down menu. 

Please note: If you're using Windows XP or a version before it, you may need to download a different piece of software to help with extracting the all your photos from the .ZIP file. Please click here this page for more information.

11. A Windows dialog box will open. This box gives you the option to save your extracted files somewhere else on your computer. You can click Browse... to find a different folder (like Pictures). Or, you can leave the location as the Downloads folder and move the photos after they've been extracted. Click Extract when you're ready to extract your photos.

12. All of your extracted photos will appear in a new folder.

13. Enjoy your memories! 

Here is a video walk-through to help you.